Stephanie Weiskopf

Stephanie is a fitness enthusiast who fell in love with indoor cycling for its intensity and motivating soundtrack. She loves how each ride can empower someone and help them realize how strong they really are, both mentally and physically. Originally from Phoenix, with pitstops in Missoula and Seattle, she enjoys trying new restaurants, snuggling with pooch, Edgar, and playing Sudoku.

Stephanie Weiskopf instructs the following:
  • 80's

  • 2017
  • This 2017 year in review contains a good amount of climbing, which is relatively moderate until the final steep hill. Occasional sprints are done at a light to moderate resistance, but for longer periods of time.

  • Secret Machines
  • This ride features road footage shot entirely in Angeles Crest State Park, outside LA. Wind around the mountains to a thumping, driving beat that keeps the intensity high the entire way.

  • The International

  • Mashups
  • This is a fun ride with lots of everyone's favorite songs mashed up together.

  • Beatles
  • Ride through London to your favorite Beatles music! 

  • Ireland

  • Evolution of Hip Hop
  • Strengthen your core and legs through the evolution of hip hop from the '70s to today.

  • 1989
  • Hop in the time machine for a trip back to an epic year for pop culture and pop music. Ride features flats, sprints and know the drill.

  • Michael Jackson
  • Interval ride with Michael Jackson through the decades! 

  • Steel Primer - Intro Ride
  • Are you new to Steel Wheels or indoor cycling in general? Want to make sure your setup and form are correct on the bike? Want a better understanding of your stats? Join us for a "Steel Primer" to prepare yourself for Steel Wheels' epic theme rides. The first half of the class we'll explain everything you'll need to know, and the second half will consist of an abbreviated 25 minute ride through some of our most stunning destinations. This ride is for all fitness levels, but be prepared to sweat!

  • Ozarks