Andi Kolisch

Andi has always been athletically inclined, and much like the rest of her family (marathon runners, football and soccer players) has a tendency to push hard and give 100% to every workout. Her first indoor cycling class in college could not have gone worse, but she kept coming back for the challenge and the sweat and started instructing indoor cycling 4 years later in 2015. Looking back, she would have never guessed she would find herself on the guide bike.
Aside from cycling, she likes heavy weight-lifting, making friends with other people's pets, and Game of Thrones. #TeamTargayen
You can expect her rides to be high energy with the occasional bad joke (make sure you laugh, guides have feelings, too!), and her guide playlists full of pounding beats and screaming guitars.

Andi Kolisch instructs the following:
  • Thanksgiving Power Hour
  • Burn your way through that Thanksgiving meal with our special hour long, calorie burning ride! Do it for that extra piece of pie! Can you beat your average watts?!

  • The International

  • Lights
  • Interval cycling to music that will make you "light" up your watts!  

  • Africa
  • Showcasing the most beautiful regions of South Africa, this ride takes you on a safari through Kruger National Park, before heading down south along gorgeous Capetown coastline, as well as into the Stellenbosch wine country. Music features popular South African bands, as well as Africa-inspired music like Paul Simon's Graceland.

  • Beyonce
  • From Destiny's Child to Lemonade, some of the Queen Baes top hits. Good range of speed and resistance work.

  • Abba + Bee Gees
  • From two of the greatest bands from the disco era, comes the cheesiest ride in Steel Wheels repertoire. Seriously, this is one is cringe worthy, but don't let the cheese fool you; there are some challenging sprints and plenty of rolling hills to provide a great workout. Just check your pretense at the door and whisked away to the home of the most epic of Swedish bands.

  • Lady Gaga v. Pink

  • Becherama

  • Bikoastal
  • From the West Coast through the Midwest Heartland to the East Coast and back again, this ride features a variety of American landscapes. The music mixes contemporary hits with some surprising oldies, but goodies. Lots of scenic rolling hills and a few tough sprints.